Attractions and Activities for the Whole Family

1. The Atlantic City Aquarium is hands down one of the finest family attractions around, boasting a large variety of exotic sea life. The jewel of the crown is the massive 25,000 gallon “Fish of the Mid-Atlantic” tank, along with 17 other tanks burgeoning with fishy-related wildlife. The excellent “Dive and Dine” show allows you the sight of professionally trained divers swimming alongside nurse sharks. The audience is encourage to get involved with an interactive Q&A section throughout the show. Furthermore, the interactive element is extended via the “Touch Tank” opportunities, so guests can feel and stroke the creatures situated in a shallow tank, including sea urchins and crabs. Kids can also enjoy an Arts and Crafts section, where they can make glittering pieces of art utilizing neon and glow-in-the-dark paints.

2. Made famous by HBO’s gripping “Boardwalk Empire” TV show, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is an iconic piece of Americana that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Be it during the day or in the evening, the bustling experience should be savored. The variety of food on offer is astounding, and the shopping is superlative. Home to the Central Pier Arcade and Speedway, it supplies opportunities for paintball and go kart racing. There is also a mind-boggling abundance of novelty coin slot machines, as well as traditional seaside boardwalk fare such as skeeball and basketball hoops that give out tickets for furry animal toy prizes.

3. Worthy of a spot of its very own on this list, the Duality 3-D Light and Sound show in front of the Convention Hall is fantastic, especially for free! Additionally, the special Fourth of July fireworks display is a definite draw for tourists.

4. For AC visitors that want to explore the sea, Atlantic City Cruises and Captain Mike’s Highroller Fishing gives you many choices. Ships scheduled to set off in the morning give an educationally edifying tour of the city’s history and the story of its legendary shoreline. Furthermore, booking a place on the 1pm “Dolphin Watching Adventure” is a necessity, where marine naturalists show you the local dolphins gleefully leaping from the swirling waters.

5. Located just over a mile away from Ventnor Pier, the Atlantic City Mini Golf course is an amusing place to spend a little time relaxing with 18 holes of silly putting fun.

6. The infamous Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” museum affords a few wacky hours of zaniness that this attraction has become world-renowned for. Although young infants might find some aspects of the venue a little too frightening, the somewhat scary creepiness holds genuine appeal to numerous engrossed teen spectators.

For those with older offspring, the Pier Shops at Caesars are a splendid way to waste a few spare hours, and the Revel, the Borgata Casino and the Caesars Atlantic City Casino all offer sights and sounds to beguile and entertain.

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Arcade Games – Are They Here to Stay?

Arcade games are a great way to relax and enjoy a little bit of downtime.Most are a coin-operated entertainment machines, typically installed in businesses such as restaurants, pubs, video arcades, and Family Entertainment Centers. These games are often converted into the latest titles, which is why you rarely see older games in your local arcade. Arcade games are all about the adrenaline rush which kicks in within a couple of minutes of starting one, and doesn’t let up until you are either dead or managed to beat the game.These games are meant to be cheap entertainment games for the whole family to enjoy, but raising the prices just shows that it isn’t about satisfying the customer, but their own wallets.

Games were designed in a wide variety of genres while developers had to work within strict limits of available processor power and memory.Some games such as Donkey Kong and Qix introduced new types of games where skill and timing are more important than shooting as fast as possible. Most actively strive to teach the player the rules by which the game world is governed, but they also have another goal: to make the experience of using the game intrinsically enjoyable.

Arcades catering to video games began to gain momentum in the late 1970s with games such as Gee Bee (1978) and Galaxian (1979) and became widespread in 1980 with Pac-Man, King and Balloon, Tank Battalion, and others.They remained commonplace through the early 1990s and there were still new genres being explored, but most new games were shooters, maze games, and other variations on old familiar themes. Arcade games often have very short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and rapidly increasing difficulty.The racing games are those which have a simplified physics engine and do not require much learning time, in opposition to racing simulators.Flight games also use simplified physics and controls in comparison to flight simulators. Arcade gamers do not have to rely on morally bankrupt and/or incompetent publications to tell them which games are out there and which are worth playing. Arcades are a business and just like any other business, they need to turn a profit or they won’t stay in business.

Video game arcades sprang up in shopping malls, and small “corner arcades” appeared in restaurants, grocery stores, bars and movie theaters all over the United States and other countries during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Video arcade game hardware is often based on home game consoles to facilitate porting a video arcade game to a home system; there are video arcade versions of Sega Dreamcast (NAOMI), Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube (Triforce), and Microsoft Xbox (Chihiro) home consoles. Video games were a fairly new concept in the 1980’s, although they had been around since the early 1970’s, their popularity didn’t really take hold until Pac-Man came out.

Arcade games are relatively simple machines: they typically consist of a game circuit board, power supply, monitor, input controls (joysticks, buttons, trackball, etc) and a wiring harness that connects everything together.They are usually simple, repetitive games that involve mastering one or more skills, and then applying those skills in increasingly complex ways.These games are also excellent entertainment options for people of all ages. These types of games aren’t going to be more popular than console games in the foreseeable future, but they should be around for our entertainment for a while.

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